This pretty, immune-boosting herb also kills bacteria and keeps your lymph system clear and flowing throughout the combat zone so you can feel better quicker 🌺. It’s best to begin taking either a capsule or liquid form as soon as the cold/flu symptoms occur for about 7 to 10 days 😷. This post is solely on cold/flu but echinacea is also used for many other health and wellness benefits. As always, it’s important to speak with your health practitioner before using any supplementation.

Of course, all diets have great intentions but if you take a step back and think about it - how many times were you overthinking, anxious or punishing yourself because of an accidental slip-up? We can’t possibly want to live life like that 😫. To read more, click the link below ...

First, what’s the difference? Deodorants are considered cosmetic products because they simply control odor - while antiperspirants are regulated as drugs due to affecting the body's physiology by blocking the pores. 💦🤚🏼 Why does this matter? In short, antiperspirants block your ducts to prevent your body from naturally detoxing toxins and aluminum (which is bad for your health) is typically the ingredient used to do so 🚫 Click the link to read more ...

Along with getting plenty of water with lemon to support + flush out your liver, include coconut water (if you’re able) due to it containing potassium, electrolytes and some essential B vitamins that with eliminate dehydration 🍋💦 Next, take it easy on your digestive system! Eat foods that are fiber-filled and easier to digest but will also stabilize blood sugar levels. Think - veggie soups, gluten-free wraps with 🥑, salads, etc. To read more, click link below ...

Moringa is known as the “miracle tree” due to its wide range of nutrients, minerals and high levels of B, C, D and E vitamins. A few other health benefits include: aiding is the stabilization of blood sugar, antibacterial properties, healthy skin, liver and digestion support. 🍃🌳🍵 Moringa comes in all forms and uses all parts of the tree. But the majority of products contain the leaves. Click the link to read more ...

You hear this a lot when it comes to people who are plant-based but it’s just as important for those who aren’t. Studies have shown those who don’t follow a plant-based diet are still deficient in this vitamin due to a variety of reasons (poor diet, compromised gut flora, use of meds) 😓💊 Here are some reasons why B-12 is so important: Click the link to read more ...

Try your best to avoid protein powders with multiple, unnecessary, ingredients. Stick to those that are organic, non-GMO and (although high) contain no more than five ingredients 💪🏼

It’s hard! And can be overwhelming wondering whether or not your child is getting proper nutrients. One day they like something, the next they don’t 🙄 - especially when kids begin acknowledging their independence and seeing greens as their enemy. I always suggest smoothies or shakes. It’s a quick and yummy way to include all your nutrients in at once. To save time, have them sip what you’ve made for yourself - just double the ingredients! 🌿🥒🥑

To satisfy your hunger and satiety hormones (ghrelin + leptin), it’s best to add in fiber (think chia or flax) and fat (nut butter, avocado or MCT oil) to your protein powder smoothie. Leave out the fruit (unnecessary added sugar) and instead throw in a handful of leafy greens. Trust me, it tastes amazing🥛+ 🌰+ 🥑+ 🌿-🍓= 🙌🏼 Click the link below to read more ...

Especially if you suffer from a digestive/gut condition. 😖 According to Internal Fitness guru, Tracy Piper, “Mixing starchy carbs like pasta, rice and bread can create toxic by-products (namely sulfur) that can slow down, impair digestion, distend your intestines with gas bubbles and cause backup in your body.”

Utilizing NSAIDs like throughout the years can: promote bleeding, deplete nutrients, increase intestinal permeability, aggravate the immune system and trigger autoimmune and inflammatory responses. Click link below to read more ...

Adding 1-2 cups of magnesium flakes to your hot bath is proven to decrease inflammation, improve skin hydration and barrier function and increase wound healing 🛁💦💪🏼. Along with magnesium flakes, I add in Himalayan sea salt and essential oils. I also do this for my child (especially if I feel a cold coming on), however, I decrease the amount to 1/4 c and 1-2 drops of essential oil(s).

This means don’t solely focus on protein in a shake or post meal! 🥇💪🏼✨ Yes, protein is essential, however, you need to consume all macronutrients (protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates) for optimal athletic performance. Click link below to read more ...

Adding vitamin C (think 🍋 and 🍊) to your greens will increase the absorption of non-heme iron (iron only plant-based foods contain). So squeeze up! 💦

To avoid compromising your gut health as a result of taking antibiotics, it’s very important to build it up with probiotics and gut-healing nutrients (think vitamin A, C, zinc, aloe vera). You want to do this before and after a round of antibiotics to avoid killing off good bacteria (not viruses). This means staying away from refined carbohydrates, processed food and sugars as well 🍭. These only promote the bad bacteria.

Emotions like: anxiety, anger, happiness, sadness or stress all effect our gastrointestinal tract due to its high sensitivity. So, when we’re experiencing negative emotions, we trigger our sympathetic nervous system into the “fight or flight” or stress response. 🥊 Click the link to read more ...

Don’t throw those tea bags away ☕️! Depending on the type of herbs and/or spices (think jasmine, chamomile or chai), you can use them to infuse foods like rice, oatmeal or pasta 🌿🍚. For around the 🏡 - Use them as a freshener for your fridge, trash can or home by waiting until they are completely dry and adding a few drops of essential oils. Click link to read more!

Good news! There are plenty of options out there. Just make sure to check the label or ask the store clerk next time you're looking for your next bottle 😉🍷

The body also works harder to warm up the water to our natural temperatures in order to use it and constricts blood vessels, reducing hydration and proper absorption. Next time you drink up, opt for room temp or warm water ... with lemon of course 😉🍋

According to research, mint is one of the most utilized herbs for anti-inflammatory relief, muscle relief, decongestion and antioxidant use (just to name a few). I do this right before I head to the gym! 🍃

Ladies, this one is for you ... to learn more, head over to the "women's health" section on the blog!

Stop dieting ✋🏼 Not only is it hard on our bodies when we go through constant up and down cycles but, for most people, losing weight doesn’t have anything to do with food. It’s typically related to a biochemical imbalance, emotion, stress or sometimes all three. I advise my clients, regardless of any situation, to begin nourishing your body by focusing on whole, real foods and plenty of clean water. If you aren’t serving your body, your body isn’t going to serve you 🍽 🥙🍵

Constant exposure to this ingredient can lead to: inflammation, slowed metabolism, weakening of your intestinal wall and decrease your gut’s defense mechanism against pathogens (disease-causing bacteria) 😖.

Do know that although unrefined, dates do contain a high amount of sugar. So limit yourself to one or two.

“It’s not the things in life that trouble us, but our interpretations about these things.” 💭 If you’re anything like me, stress and anxiety will sometimes get the best of you. Especially if you’re an introvert - which can make a situation 5x worse. This results in needing to be in control of any and all situations because uncertainty, well, stresses you out! 😣 Try to genuinely accept your circumstance as what they are 🙏🏼✨

Regardless of what eating style you fall under, it is important, especially with plant-based diets, to make sure you’re consuming enough protein throughout the day. 💪🏼🍽🍲 but there’s no need to consume all your protein during a big meal - especially during the latter part of the day. Great but how much protein do I actually need? 🤔 Click the link below to read more ...

I recently had my son’s 1-year appt and his pediatrician provided me this great info - If you’re choosing to vaccinate your child/children, it is important to increase the levels of vitamin A, B and C; along with a (optional) probiotic for a couple of weeks in order to assist the body in building immunity. 🥕🍊🍠

This helpful (and less expensive) tool is called the Coca Pulse test. ✋🏼🔍It was developed by Dr. Arthur F. Coca in the mid 1950s after his wife who suffered from angina pectoris (chest pain caused by coronary heart disease) noticed that her attacks would occur within a few minutes of always eating certain foods. Eating these foods would increase her pulse causing an angina attack 😣

Seitan, meaning “made of proteins,” is used as a meat alternative in the vegan community and is often misinterpreted for a soy product, however, there is no soy whatsoever 🌱🙅🏽 Seitan is literally pure gluten, extremely high in sodium and severely processed 🙃 So if you have any kind of gluten sensitivity, celiac disease or just want to steer clear, stay far away from this meat substitute. Some better alternatives include: tempeh, tofu or natto - all organic/non-GMO of course.

Please don't throw these yummy leaves away! While your beets are roasting, you can prepare these greens in literally 3 minutes 😳🙌🏼 and with the the colder months around the corner, it's a perfect dish for hosting and meal prep 😋 So how do you prepare them? 🌿 You can boil, sauté or steam them - wash the leaves off with cool water then add to a sauté pan or pot (uncovered).

You know who or what situation doesn't feel right. Don't question it! Stay around people and surroundings that uplift and bring positivity in your life 🙌🏼#gutisyoursecondbrain

“Therefore you shouldn't assume or expect to perform, eat or exercise the same way every week.” - Alisa Vitta @floliving 😌🙏🏼 That said, exercise plays a huge part of it! In order to protect your adrenals, it’s important to train the right way, and based on how you feel, for each week of your cycle. See more when you click the link below ...

"Visible mess helps distract us from the true source of disorder." - @mariekondo Try and make your surroundings as organized and minimal as possible. Clutter in your home, car, workspace, etc. can be a subtle cause of distress - making you feel overwhelmed and has been linked to anxiety, stress and even weight gain 😖👎🏼 Read more with the link below ...

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