Not quite ready to become a client but aren't sure where to begin with your health?


I get it! 

This is why I've developed a FOUR-week challenge that gives you a modest sneak peek of how I run Candid Health for my current clients.


I know you're busy! So I've made these weeks easy to go through no matter who you are or where you're at in life.


Each week increases the probability of change, allows you to educate yourself on what works (and doesn’t work) for you and encourages thought-provoking questions about your self you normally wouldn’t have asked.

Basically, we're just getting back to the basics. 


NO confusing wellness terminology, detoxes, crazy superfoods or feelings of overwhelm. That's not what health is about.

What does the Essential Challenge include?

Four weeks of detailed (but simple) action-steps that include: example recipes + suggestions.

Reflection worksheets at the end of each week.

Email support from me each week (optional).


An hour free consultation with me after you're done.


This challenge is PERFECT for you if:

Under $2 per week OR equal to:


* One cup of coffee

* Less than one combo at a fast-food restaurant 

* Less than an, organic, green juice

Maybe 1/4 of a Whole Foods buffet container

* You get the point ...

Ashley D., Mommy + Fitness Enthusiast

Jaymie T., CEO of Jaymie Tarshis FB Ad Manager

Julie P., CEO; Entrepreneur & Social Media Influencer

Oh, and one last thing ...

Remember, your wellness is powerful. Without it, life can be hard to go through. You deserve to be the healthiest you can for yourself and those you're important to. 

There's nothing left to do but improve.  

The Essential Challenge™ comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Give your best with the tools given and you'll realize - it can only get better. 

© 2020 Candid Health, LLC

Cassie Brown

Clinical Nutritionist

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