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"Cassie has been an amazing coach and mentor. She has given me so much insight and knowledge on ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Her passion for teaching women how to live a healthy life carries over into how she encourages and wants to genuinely help me achieve my goals. I could not be happier for choosing to work with her."

Ashley D. / Mommy + Fitness Enthusiast

"Cassie is just so relatable. Her story is empowering and it really made me trust that she could help me on the path to healthier living. She was able to guide me without making me feel overwhelmed!" 

Danica B. / Grad Student

"I've been working with Cassie while she was in school and couldn't wait until she graduated so it could be full time. She's just so amazing and easy to work with. I don't feel judged or pressured. She makes me tap into living and eating  effortlessly and with intention."


Nicole M. / Mommy

“I truly cannot say enough about Cassie, her passion and the work that she does far exceeds any expectation. I came to her seeking guidance for building a healthier lifestyle and she assisted me to reach my goals through that process. Not only did we reach my goals, but throughout the process she encouraged me to step outside of my box and try new things. Most importantly she did not just focus on my nutritional health, she dug deeper into my overall psychosocial and emotional well-being. She helped me to understand the impact it all has on my health and fostered my development of a healthier lifestyle from the inside out. She is truly the embodiment of what she teaches and in my opinion there is no one better as a hollistic nutritionist.” 


Vanessa B. / Mommy + Nurse

"For several months I suffered with digestive issues that my doctors would continuously misdiagnose. Eventually, I found Cassie who understood exactly what I was going through and, most importantly, how to cure my symptoms naturally. Today, I've never felt better and I'm beyond thankful for her guidance. There's no one I trust more with my health & nutrition."


Sarah R. / Entrepreneur + Personal Trainer

"I haven't used a nutritionist in a few years, but I needed a lot of help in creating a structured diet. I have a lot of sensitivities and recently discovered that an anti-inflammatory diet made a huge difference with my health. Cassie listened to me to help me see where there were other gaps in my diet and then showed me how to address those while creating a consistent routine. I love that she also makes a point to stay up-to-date regarding what my other doctors are saying so that she can align with them and consider the big picture while helping me stay healthy. We have such great conversations. This whole experience has been invaluable to me!"


Arielle C. / Accountant

“Cassie has helped me in a number of ways; emotionally, mentally and physically. I also work in the wellness world and she taught me more than I could’ve imagined. I love her holistic, natural approach. Not only did she help me because the healthiest person I could be, but also, my now 5 month old baby. She was there for me thought my entire pregnancy and pointed me in the right direction for nutrition, supplements, sleep, and much more. Whenever I needed her, she was there. Not only is she great at what she does, but she is an amazing friend you can always count on! Thank you, Cassie, for making me a better, healthier me!” 

Chavalah B. / Executive Wellness Coordinator

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