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The Optimal Energy Method

For the person who’s ready to ditch the soul-depleting fatigue, improve their lab markers and finally have the flow of health that complements their desire to fully show up in life.

Improving your metabolic health doesn’t have to mean diets and complicated lifestyle changes.


That's why there's the Optimal Energy Method.

The Optimal Energy Method is an action-oriented functional nutrition program for those who want to create practical wellness & lifestyle routines to improve metabolic health in 12 weeks or less.


The reality: You received your lab results and want to avoid medications or decrease your reliance. BAD.  


But, so far, your attempts haven’t helped you get there. 


Maybe you’ve learned some lessons (like what DOESN’T work for you), but no matter how much you work at it,  you still somehow revert back to old habits or overwhelm with little to show for it.


Giving up sounds tempting when it looks like NOTHING will work. But the thing is, you’re COMMITTED to improving your metabolic health -- and cracking the code on implementing simple, hormone-balancing, practices.


You’ve already tried…


  • DIY-ing it with random supplements 

  • Counting calories & restrictive meal plans

  • Mimicking what everyone else around you is doing


It’s frustrating and demoralizing to feel like you’ve tried (or at least considered) it all, and to be honest you’re TIRED and ready for a different way.


Real talk: The reason those things haven’t worked for you is they don’t address the root cause of what’s actually preventing your body from properly breaking down and utilizing the food. It's extremely important to lay the necessary foundation BEFORE starting to build and implement practices.


I’ve seen clients struggle with this over and over again, which is why I’ve created the Optimal Energy Method. 


Through the practices offered in the program, I’ve helped clients achieve improved lab markers, desired energy and knowledge on what works for them in 12 weeks.


If you’re truly ready for REAL energy and mental clarity without having to rely on medications and the desire to grab that 6th cup of coffee, the Optimal Energy Method was designed specifically to help you get there.

Our approach is different from Googling everything, relying on what someone else says works for them and the umpteen, distracting, diets because we establish a solid foundation based on your health goals, then help implement functional wellness practices that, in turn, create healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits.

Over your 12 weeks working through the Optimal Energy Method, we’ll focus on the following areas and goals:


  • Channeling Mindset. Uncovering limiting beliefs, behaviors & nurture the mentality that supports growth and elevation.


  • Conquering Your Plate. Get clear on what, why and how to properly fuel on a cellular level.


  • Counterbalancing Stress. Understand how negative stress presents itself & ways to drastically decrease what’s in your control.


  • Cultivating Sleep. Taking inventory of your current environment and habits then implementing practices to maximize quality sleep. 


  • Closing Review. Reinforce the healthy & energized human you’re becoming by re-visiting, re-defining and including additional support.  


The Optimal Energy Method seeks action-taking applicants with specific criteria. 


The fact is - we can only accept a limited number of participants at any given time, and (because of our guarantee below) we only work with those who are qualified and ready to show up, do the work, and focus to achieve the objectives of the program. 


Because of this, it’s imperative that every participant is truly ready for this level of growth -- for more energy and mental clarity without medications -- and has the attitude and drive to make the most of their time in the Optimal Energy Method to get there!


It's truly exciting to support others achieve the goal of having more energy and vibrancy that fuels their personal & professional success, but we must make sure you are qualified (and ready) before we commit to working with you in this program.

This is for:

  • You're burned out and are constantly moody and/or irritable.


  • You’re lacking the confidence & enthusiasm you once had in life and business.


  • Your performance is decreasing, creating frustration and/or negative thinking.

  • You’re feeling guilty about how you’re showing up for yourself, loved ones & professional relationships.

  • You received your labs and need knowledge & guidance on how to improve your markers.


  • You're busy and need someone on your team to help you develop a lifestyle that works for you along with receiving support throughout your continued growth.


  • You're just sick of trying to figure out what's right/wrong when it comes to health among all the smoke & mirrors wellness marketing. 


  • Eating well might mean your brain’s ability to work at full capacity and increase ideation.

  • Having more energy will allow you to accomplish more in less time.

This is NOT for:

  • You're currently in a fixed mindset around lack of time and ability believing health isn’t a priority right now.


  • You aren’t willing to show up, do the work and consistently re-evaluate, re-direct and adjust.


  • You’re a chronic solution-hopper looking for a quick fix.


  • You’re a firm believer in DIY and don’t need additional support.

How we’ll work together through the Optimal Energy Method:


The format of the Optimal Energy Method is what makes it truly unique and helps you achieve results that were previously not possible.


When we speak, I’ll explain the entire format and structure in detail.


For now, what’s most important to know is that we use a blend of:



You’ll receive videos, curriculum and forms every 2-4 weeks to walk you through the Optimal Energy Method framework step-by-step. You will be accessing all content through Practice Better.




You’ll receive private coaching calls throughout our 12 weeks invested - these will be every week for the second module, then every other week for the other modules, until the program is completed. We’ll meet to go over your goals, strategy, and questions about the framework and process. This is to make sure you’re getting all of the personal attention and feedback you need. 




You will be surrounded by other small biz entrepreneurs just like you - with similar goals to yours. 


You'll have the option to be a part of a private group where you can choose to help track one another’s progress, support each other through challenges and wins, and keep your drive high! 


Because we are so selective about who is allowed into the program, rest assured this is a highly curated community - so get excited to meet everyone!


  • GAIN CONFIDENCE WITH FOOD. I’ll guide you through the science of eating - with a dash of psychology -  to teach the WHY behind specific nutrients, meal timing significance and MORE. After all, if you’re going to stay the course through my time-saving protocol, this foundational info is critical.


  • RELEASE THE STUFF DRAINING YOUR ENERGY. We’ll start with the very basics of stress and uncover the negative role it plays in your life. Then, by utilizing my framework, you’ll learn how to drastically decrease what’s in your control!


  • LEARN HOW TO CREATE A HEALTHY SLEEP CYCLE. Here, we’ll take inventory of your current environment and habits then begin implementing how to maximize QUALITY sleep. 





We are 100% committed to helping you achieve improved energy and confidence around wellness.


That said, you might still have hesitations about whether what you’re reading on this page is truly possible for you and if the Optimal Energy Method is the best choice to get you there. Here’s the deal: the Optimal Energy Method is an elite option and the investment reflects that. That might make you question if it’s really “worth it,” and I get that.


So in case you are still hesitating to apply, here’s a guarantee that you can bank on:


I am willing to promise you that if you participate in all of the calls, implement all of the work, and do not see improved energy levels as a result of the Optimal Energy Method, then I will work with you for free until you get the result.


If you’re truly ready for improved energy and willing to do the work to get there with the guidance and support of the Optimal Energy Method, there is absolutely no reason NOT to fill out an intake form today.

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