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Whether remote or local - here are some areas I focus on with my clients:

I teach the basic science of food and how it contributes to our overall health and wellness.

I help them to understand and manage 

the unhealthy stress + anxiety we all experience.

We figure out why they experience minor skin complications; including acne and dermatitis and how to manage it.

I'm right there planning how they can prepare + 

 prioritize their wellness during a business or vacation trip.


Duration: (up to) 90 minutes



First 30 minutes are free. After that, each 30 minute increment will be $50 up to 90 minutes. 


You and I will start here. 

This is your consultation. During this appointment we will take an extensive look at your past health history, current diet/lifestyle habits and personal goals. Once we decide to work together, customized recommendations will then be provided based on your nutrition and lifestyle assessment. 

Then we will choose from these options:

Have a general question? Please contact me here

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