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For Those Who Share My Sweet Tooth!

I've had a lot of people surprised when I tell them I have a sweet tooth ... WHAT?! 😳 Yes and that's always been a problem (thanks, Dad). No, seriously, it's something that I've had to really tame because I was that person - well, still am at times - that would eat the most nutritious/clean meal then ruin it all with a serving size of dessert probably bigger than my entree. Sound familiar? Now that I've exposed myself, I wanted to share with you and those who ask me what I indulge in nowadays, given that I'm dairy-free. yes, there are delicious dairy and vegan options out there!

If you have any tasty recommendations, please share and/or tag me on IG! I love trying new things. Especially the sweet stuff ;).

Sprouted Rice Crispy Treats

- Coconut oil

- Earth Balance vegan butter*

- Chocolate (optional)

In a large pot, melt butter, coconut oil and marshmallows (adding only a cup at a time). Make sure to constantly stir on medium to low heat to avoid burning.

Lightly grease your pan (I use a 9x9 square glass) with butter or coconut oil. Also, during this step, you'll add in your melted chocolate on top of the butter/oil.

Next, add in your rice and pack down tightly.

Only if you added the chocolate, you need to wait at least 5-6 hours in order for the chocolate to harder onto the rice. Trust me, I got greedy and pulled them out only after an hour and had to spoon up the chocolate onto the square, lol. It was still amazing though!

*You do not need to use vegan butter. Regular butter works just fine.

** This may vary depending on how gooey you prefer yours.

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