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One Way to Ensure a Smoother Morning

Organize. Start by thinking about which room you spend the most time in during the mornings. Try your best to have that room neat and prepped the night before. This will decrease your feelings of anxiety, stress and welcome readiness for the day.

Here's what I mean:

Whether it's your bathroom, kitchen or closet, make sure everything is where it needs to be in order for your routine to be less hectic and overwhelming.

For example, if your kitchen is the first place you end up in order to drink your warm lemon water, have a cup of coffee or smoothie, make sure:

- Your lemon juice is squeezed.

- Your coffee is prepped the night before.

- And/or smoothie/breakfast ingredients are lined up and ready to blend or cook.

- The area is cleaned - start making a habit of clearing the dishes out of the sink and off the countertops (it's all about a fresh start).

I know, especially if you have kids, it seems daunting at night when all you want to do is relax and do absolutely nothing but, I promise, the little time spent organizing will have you thanking yourself once you wake up the next morning.

You'll have a bit more time to yourself (or sleep 😴) and less things to tackle before you head out.

I encourage you to execute this practice for a week and see how you feel. You already have so much going on in your life, you owe it to yourself to start the day with a clean, energized mindset!

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