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CANDID INTERVIEW: Chavalah Brothers - O.C. Tanner Wellness Leader

I got a chance to interview friend and client, Chavalah Brothers on her life as O.C. Tanner's Wellness Leader/Client Personal Trainer, newlywed and how she manages to balance it all while staying healthy. Oh! And since she's a fellow curly girl, you know I had to ask what her favorite products were 😉.


Describe your job as a Wellness Leader:

A: I am in charge of all wellness events which includes a lot of planning, scheduling and participation of blood drives, lunch and learns, health fairs, retirement advising, outside fitness classes, you name it!

Wow, that's a lot! I see you, girl! 👏🏼 What do you gain or enjoy most about your position?

A: I gain the most satisfaction knowing that I am helping people better their lives. If you don't have your health, you don't have anything. Knowing that I could be the reason someone lived longer, enjoyed their life more, or simply ran their first 5k, makes it all worth it.

As a personal trainer, what concern do you hear most from women? And what is your response?

A: The number one concern I hear from women is that "they don't want to get bulky from lifting weights," which is the biggest weightlifting myth out there! The majority of us physically can't get bulky. Women that we consider "bulky" are either unnatural (i.e. they are taking steroids, HCG or some other type of sports enhancing drug) or they spend their life in the gym! Plus, their diet is very restrictive.


"If you strive for perfection, you might end up a little disappointed."


If you could recommend three things to women who want to balance both work and life, what would they be?


1. Work hard while at work. Get what you need to get done for the day, leave work knowing that you did all you could and start again tomorrow ... at work!

2. When you're home for the night, don't need to respond to every email as soon as you get it. Unless you're working on a time-sensitive project, it can wait.

3. If you must work extra from home, schedule some time that doesn't interfere with family dinner or spending time with your spouse or kids. Your family will remember those times you missed with them more than your co-worker. It's all about prioritizing.

Those are excellent tips! So, I have to know what your favorite superfood is in your kitchen right now?

A: Superfoods! There are so many! I am really into berries right now. Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries to be specific. I'm also a huge fan of chia seeds. Anything to make me feel fuller longer, I am all about!

Ah! Same 😋 Can you share with us your guilty pleasure?

A: My guilty pleasure is anything sweet. I LOVE candy and frosting (yes, I am an adult). However, if I am looking for something healthy to satisfy my sweet tooth, I will go for a spoonful of sun butter! YUM.

Summer is around the corner and I know a lot of us are trying to become swimsuit ready - what are your thoughts on waist trainers and skinny teas? What would you recommend as an alternative?

A: If it promises you fast results, it's a scam. Regarding body changes, slow and steady wins the race - that's my motto. Instead of unhealthily compressing your organs in a waist trainer or drinking a mystery tea, start your workouts and healthy eating habits sooner! Summer bodies are made in the winter and abs are made in the kitchen. Those rock hard bodies you see on social media networks derive from 80% healthy eating and 20% workouts.

Do you have any suggestions or advice for those who can't afford or have access to a personal trainer?

A: Personal training is EXPENSIVE! That's why I offer it as a free benefit to our employees. There are A LOT of free, guided workouts on YouTube. Don't have the internet? Again, no problem! jog up and down a flight of stairs for 30-minutes and you'll be feeling the burn!

You’re a fellow curly girl, what’s your favorite product(s) right now?

A: I love Mixed Chicks. As a woman of color with "different" hair, I have tried many products. I have played around with different brands because not all curls are the same. We have different textures and absorbencies. Don't be afraid to play around to see which product works best for you. Also, I would die without my defuser! It helps my curls stay frizz free!

Candid Health is all about authenticity. Can you please share a moment in your life where you really weren't as perfect or put together? This is for people who, when they look at you, that's all they see (me included 😫)​:

A: Me? Perfect?! HA! If you strive for perfection, you might end up a little disappointed. As a wellness leader, people think that I don't eat ice cream, have an occasional drink or skip a workout. I just got married to the most amazing man last September and we both had a goal to get in the best shapes of our lives. Eat better, drink less and work out more. We did GREAT for a few months but then came the bridal showers, Las Vegas bachelor/bachelorette parties and the rehearsal dinner. There were my goals out of the window but it was okay. I had the best summer of my life and I don't regret one thing! Sometimes you have to give yourself a break and know that it is okay to fall off the horse every once in awhile as long as you get back on and keep moving forward!

Thank you so much to Chavalah and you all who've taken the time to read this interview! It was so fun and such a pleasure ❤️

Please let me know what you thought and if you or if you know of another strong, inspirational woman that would love to be interviewed and tell her story!

With Love,

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