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2 for FIVE (video): April

2 for FIVE April

This is a gentle, organic brand for those who have sensitive skin or just want to do away with all of the harsh chemicals and fragrances in bath and body products. Especially for you baby.

2. Green Sprouts - Glass sip + straw cup

Great for transitional phases! Eliminates having to buy multiple types of cups. Though I will admit, it's a tad bit confusing to put together and similar to the Dr. Brown's bottles to disassemble and clean 😅

3. Amazing Grass - Green Superfood

Busy ladies, this powder makes it so much easier to get your daily dose of nutrients in for the day. Again, trust me, they really do taste amazing!

4. Alexandra Elle - "Words from a Wanderer"

This truly is a collection of beautiful affirmations ❤️

I use this stuff in almost every bath and body care recipe - especially for face and body masks. Please let me know if you would like me to post my recipes in the blog!

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