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Hit a weight plateau? Here's what your body may be trying to tell you ...

Set Point Cycle

WHO: Those of us struggling to lose additional or gain weight

WHAT: Set Point or Set Point Theory

WHERE: Our genetics play a big role in determining our where our bodies tend to store weight (our set point). Additionally, our hormones are what signals significant changes in our bodies and must all be in sync in order to us to successfully (and sustainably) lose or gain weight. These important hormones include: leptin (controls body fat + satiety), insulin (fat storage), glucagon (partners with insulin to control blood sugar levels) and ghrelin (hunger).

WHY: *Scientists have said that the average person's body has a set point range from about ten to twenty pounds and, in that range, will not attempt to resist change. However, when you're trying to lose weight (or go out of that range) that's when the resistance kicks in and you hit a plateau. Your hormones begin to overwork in order to get your body back to its comfort zone or set point. **Hence, it being easy in the beginning to lose weight. But ☝🏼 at this point, you find yourself feeling more hungry and leading you to fall off the wagon only to be defeated ... again. Sound about right? 😕

WHEN: Our set point kicks in when we begin losing or gaining more or less weight then what our body is accustomed to. After a period of time at a certain weight, our body creates a "set point" that it feels comfortable in order to function properly. When we go above or below that range, it goes into survival mode and does everything it can to get back to that point - stores fat, slows or speeds up metabolism, etc. (Wonder why we're always hungry at the worst possible times? 😫)


Millions of people's diet intentions fail because of unrealistic expectations and a need for instant gratification. This leads to neglecting your body's needs in order to function and properly assist you on a scientific level.

This isn't even due to ignorance; it's simply being unaware of how our physiological process function.


Accepting and honoring our set point. The majority of us fight our bodies or shame our bodies to lose weight when our bodies know what size is best for us. Our specific set points are there for our bodies to function optimally. The truth is we need to focus on slow, sustainable wellness habits all while eating whole, real foods and engaging in movement based on our individual needs.

For women, it's extremely important to base your movement and food around your menstrual cycle phases. This will increase your insulin sensitivity along with begin to balance your hormones.

And, above all, enjoy the journey and trust the process!


As always, please be kind to your body! It's constantly doing amazing things and now is not the time to be at war ☺️

If you have any questions and/or would like to work with me, please contact me to set up a consultation!

With love,




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