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CANDID INTERVIEW: Becca Tetzlaff of Organically Becca

Organically Becca

When it comes to clean living and the best products in order to do so, Becca Tetzlaff is our girl! Tetzlaff developed Organically Becca in hopes of educating us on the not-so-safe products that we may be using in/on our bodies and have lingering around our homes.

As a fellow millennial with a passion for helping others, it was only right to have fun while getting candid with this influential woman. We talked about the one thing she could eat every day (hint: her first option isn't food) and what advice she would give other busy women struggling to find balance and trying to figure out their purpose in life. Enjoy!


"I am becoming more and more okay with not being perfect and try to share imperfections with my followers because we all deserve to see each other for who we really are."