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Did you tear postpartum? Here are 3 things to remember + simple DIY healing recipes ...

This is for all the women who've experienced perineal tears and feel like there's no hope in ever feeling better and regaining your sex life.

I want to be open and honest about my post pregnancy experience in hopes of releasing the worry or fears from even just one new mommy out there. Let me start by saying something you most likely have heard over and over, it WILL get better.

I was blessed to have a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy, labor and delivery. However, my post-delivery was a bit different - I ended up with a slight third degree and horizontal tear ... yup, you read that right.

For those unfamiliar with tears associated with labor, here's a great article breaking down each degree (not that you haven't already seen it all but it is graphic for those who share my weak stomach☝🏼).

My doctor said it was due to a new nurse on his staff not taking proper protocol when prepping me. Regardless, I thought I was never going to sit again 🙃.

Getting back to me saying that "it's going to get better" ... it's both hard and easy for me to say. It's hard because I'm the impatient, busy-body type and, if you're anything like me, it can be a challenge to know when it's time to rest. Now, it's easy for me to say because, well, whether I wanted to believe it or not, it did get better. Maybe we share/shared some of these same thoughts:

Do those resonate or ring any bells?

If you relate to any of those thoughts/feelings, here are 3 things that got me through and I know they can work for you as well.

Trust Your Body

Over and over again I would run to the internet at the slightest ache, pain and/or frustration just to get let down and mentally exhaust myself. I would think my world was ending and nothing would ever be the same. If you're anything like me - STOP. RIGHT. NOW.

Everyone's body and situation is different. I was being disrespectful to myself by not having confidence in my journey, progress and definitely not giving myself enough credit for all that my body had done. I expected so much out of myself that it became unfair. How was I supposed to heal and focus on the blessings if I was constantly badgering myself and not enjoying all that's in front of me in the moment?

Have Patience

For yourself, your significant other and, most importantly, your precious baby.

I understand it's easier said than done. Just do what you can to remind yourself every day of how well you've done. Your body just created a miracle. It takes a toll, I know. All you want to do is get back to your normal self again. Trust me, it will happen.

As my husband always told me, "You have to take it day by day. Trust the timing, embrace and appreciate the good days and take on the bad days with as much grace and positivity as you can."


"Everyone's body and situation is different. I was being disrespectful to myself by not having confidence in my journey, progress and definitely not giving myself enough credit for all that my body had done."


Eliminate Comparisons

I found myself wondering why a couple of my friends healed in two weeks or how were they able to work out in just ten days? Well, the sad truth was they didn't experience the trauma some of us do so, of course, they're going to continue on with those things. I would've done the same!

This one is major and is key to establishing both trust and patience. As soon as you find yourself comparing yourself, you lose all control of what's most important. Embrace your journey and eliminate all that's adding negativity.

Postpartum Care


Below I've listed some natural, DIY postpartum care that I swear by 🙌🏼

Herbal sitz baths

Fill your sitz bath with warm water, half a cup of Himalayan pink sea salt and two, steeped calendula tea or 1/4 c. boiled and strained calendula loose flowers. If you're able, try your best to soak for about 15-20 minutes.

Calendula or marigold flowers are known for their ability to reduce inflammation, free radical damage and their antifungal/antibacterial properties.

Peri bottle

Cleanse your perineal area with a peri bottle filled with clean, warm water and witch hazel each time you use the restroom. I know it may sound tedious but it's extremely important, especially after finally making a bowel movement.

Also, HealthForce has a gentler, natural stool softener option. It worked great for me as well.

Postpartum healing pads

Before going into labor, take time to prep and freeze some healing pads. Take about 10-15 heavy duty pads and spray them heavily with this DIY spray:

- Witch Hazel

- Lavender essential oil

- Rosemary essential oil

- Aloe vera juice or spread a think layer of aloe vera gel across the pad

Fill 8oz spray bottle (preferably glass) with 3/4 witch hazel, 1/4 aloe vera juice, 5-7 drops of lavender essential oil and 5-7 drops of rosemary essential oil. Spray pads evenly.

Fold them back up and wrap with aluminum foil, then store in plastic bag in the freezer. Use as needed after you've given birth.

Final Thoughts


I really hope this post helped ease some of your concerns and that you were able to release a sigh of relief. If you are experiencing postpartum depression, first know, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it, however, it is important to speak to a professional so they're able to guide you through to healing 🙏🏼.

Best of luck and congratulations, Mommy! ❤️

If you need someone to talk to, vent or have any questions, I'm here - please feel free to contact me. I know it's not easy trying to explain how you're feeling or trying to ease your mind when no one around you has experienced the same thing.

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