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Product Review: My VEGAN RESET Journal

Hello, Candid Community!

I wanted to document and share with you my personal experience with the four-week Vegan Reset program. I've been making big adjustments to my lifestyle with both food and life, however, I have also slowly eased into changing both and wanted to take it a step further and go plant-based.

I started working with Cassie about four months ago and was explaining to her some real issues I was experiencing with my body and my eating. Aside from working with her with non-food related breakthroughs, we realized I needed to make some adjustments and possibly see if I had any sensitivities or food allergies (i.e., gluten, dairy, nuts, etc.)

We started off with an elimination diet. During this process I was to eliminate meat, gluten, soy and dairy. I was doing well but the hardest adjustment was eliminating meat and eggs (I LOVE my eggs). I struggled. I cut back but this was a big shift for me mentally because I was so used to meat and eggs as a part of my daily diet.

As time went on I was feeling better and it was getting easier but I felt an all or nothing attitude coming on *cue the interest in a plant-based diet*.


"I was great with most - the big adjustment was eliminating meat and eggs. I struggled."


My husband and I are always looking for new challenges and ways to build upon our healthy journey so we're constantly trying out new restaurants, recipes and, more recently, limiting our meat consumption.

For the past few weeks, my husband has been more and more intrigued by a plant-based diet and asked if I'd try a new 30-day challenge with him that he stumbled upon via social media.

The four-week, Vegan Reset program, founded by Kim Julie-Hansen, "is a step by step program to kickstart your healthy vegan diet and lifestyle - you'll learn how to prepare easy to follow, nutritious and delicious recipes with meal plans, grocery shopping lists and much more."

I loved the idea. Not only because it was going to be a challenge but we were going to be doing it together. Which, for me, doing things a couple is always easier.


"My husband has been more and more intrigued by the vegan lifestyle and we are always looking for new challenges and ways that we can be healthier."


Best of all, it's very affordable (about $30). I really liked this idea because I had already been easing my way into this process but having a tangible guide made it feel as though it would help facilitate the mental shift. And when something is already planned for me, it drives me to be more successful.

If you are considering going plant-based, it's very important to speak with your health practitioner in order for it to be effective.

Of course, I spoke to Cass and she encouraged me to try and provided more information on ingredients and supplements that would be important for me to include.

That said! Here is my experience during my first week:


We just completed week one of our program and it has been going great! Having the recipes has forced us to experiment and try new things.

The best part is that we really have enjoyed most everything included and haven’t had to force feed ourselves. I can say that I am feeling good about how my body is responding to the changes. Here are three things I've noticed this week:

1 | Although it can be taboo to talk about, bowel movements are an important part of health and my husband and I have both noticed more regularity.

2 | Cravings are down quite a bit and energy is up.

3 | We both have some weight goals we would like to reach - although this is not the driving force - my husband is down 5lbs in a week and I am down about 2.5lbs.

Talk to you next week! Until then feel free to ask any questions that you may have or more information that you would like to know more about!

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