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Product Review: My VEGAN RESET Journal Part III

Hey Guys!

We have made it to week three already and are already discussing how we can continue this after next week. We honestly just have an overall - I feel good - feeling and we definitely want to keep that going.

We traveled a bit this week and my daughter and I were under the weather, which made following the meal plan slightly challenging. The recipes on the menu just didn’t sound as appetizing and were not as feasible to create while traveling. The silver lining was that it provided us the opportunity to trust ourselves to create our own dishes. Also, we were able to search for vegan friendly restaurants to eat!


Here is what I've noticed this week:

1 | I found cooking a lot easier. At first I was overwhelmed at the thought of creating something we all would enjoy my focus was always - what protein am I going to make? - leaving everything else based upon that decision.

However, I’ve realized that just about anything that sounds good or that is your favorite dish can be created as plant-based and taste just as delicious!

2 | Found my favorite dish! This week I did a spaghetti loaded with veggies and brown rice noodles! It was a hit, my daughter loved it and so did our mother-in-law 🙌🏼. We also did a delicious vegetable soup - because nothing provides more comfort when you have a cold.

3 | As far as weight goes, my husband is down 10 lbs and I am down 5 lbs

Alright, one more week to go! I thank you all for sticking with me through this journey! I'll talk to you next week.

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