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My top 5 foods to keep your body balanced while traveling

It's so easy to get side-tracked by the hustle and bustle or just plain overwhelmed while traveling. However, it's in these moments that quickly lead us to grabbing not-so-healthy snacks or overeat out of convenience or to calm the anxiety.

In turn this leaves us feeling bloated and/or sluggish as soon as we reach our destination. Pretty sure this is the last thing we want to feel.

Although our body does an amazing job of naturally cleansing and detoxing itself, it's better to avoid the aftermath of unhealthy snacking the best you can once you step on or off the plane.

So planning ahead by eating a healthy protein, fat and fiber-rich meal pre-flight or waiting to eat one in-flight will keep allow you to keep the your energy calm and your hormones and blood sugar balanced so you're not tempted to eat the questionable plane food/snacks.

If your goal is to maintain balance while traveling, I've listed five of my favorite essentials (ASIDE FROM WATER - please hydrate!!!) that include protein, fat and fiber to keep you detoxing and feeling energized and satisfied throughout your travels.

1. Travel-sized nut/seed butters + coconut oil

I love traveling with these nut butters. If you can't find these - just put some nut butter in a mini container - either works! These are amazing because, not only are they small and convenient, you're able to get in your dose of healthy fats and protein.

And if you're not hungry or in the mood for nut butter, try having your coconut oil in a warm mug of water with your lemon.

2. Travel-sized Manitoba hemp seed packs

This brand just came out with travel packs of hemp seeds and I got so excited when I saw them. That means I don't have to worry about packing my own 🙌🏼.

Hemp seeds are a powerhouse when it comes to plant-based proteins. These small seeds will cover your protein, fat AND fiber while traveling. You can toss them on a salad, yogurt, soup or smoothie.

3. Chlorophyll drops

Chlorophyll drops are ideal for travel because of their antioxidant, cleansing and healing properties. They also control hunger and cravings, so you don't have to worry when you're stopping in multiple places and don't have many "green" options. Just drop some in your water and enjoy!

4. Lemon or Lime

This one is pretty self-explanatory but I always bring a lemon or lime and grab a knife from an airport/gas station.

Simply add it to your water, squeeze over your salad greens (great for absorbing the non-heme iron found in plants) or ask for a warm mug of clean water and detox away!

5. Fibrous Veggies

Same as the lemon. You can utilize your nut butters and hemp seeds for a complete, nutrition-filled snack without the guilt.

However, to avoid blood sugar spikes, cravings and to make sure you keep your digestion moving (we tend to get out of our regularity during travel), I'd take it easy on fruit and bring more veggies. If you have to bring a fruit, opt for a green apple or banana.


Final Thought

It's already hard enough not being able to stick to a routine but try your best not to let traveling derail you. Just keep it simple, present and check in with your emotions and, of course, have fun!

And if you need help with planning your wellness during travel, we can plan it together! Just contact me and we can make a plan based on your needs.

What are some of your favorite food hacks to stay on track while traveling?

I'd love for you to share!


With love,

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