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7 ways to use plant-based burgers (that aren't burgers)

Can you believe it's going to be fall in a few weeks? Personally, I'm excited. It's my favorite time of year because of the changing colors, food and, of course, pretty sweaters.

With the new season around the corner, warmer, heartier foods are coming to the forefront. I figured why not throw out some ways to revamp these great plant-based burgers that have been coming onto the scene?

I'm going to use Good Seed burgers as my example here. I enjoy these because they're one of CH's ingredient-approved burgers and they don't contain coconut oil (personal allergy).

I have to give credit to my husband for inspiring me creatively because I've definitely been in a Mom slump/survival mode when it comes to quick, nourishing dinner ideas.

So here are seven ways that you can be creative with in the kitchen:


1 | Tacos

I'm pretty confident when I say tacos are a universal favorite. All you have to do is swap out the meat, add some seasoning and include your favorites toppings. I've been loving Siete's new chickpea tortillas.

2 | Pasta

You can't go wrong any way you do this. I enjoy a good lasagna, pasta bake or traditional spaghetti. Just crumble up the burger and add to sauce or layers. I've come across a few great brand, however, I've been using Cybele's pasta as of late. My husband came acrossed it and I really enjoy how the variety of ingredients blend with different sauces. You can also use veggie spirals if you're wanting less carbs and more fiber.

3 | Nachos

Basically the tacos deconstructed that you can go to work and top with olives, green onions, (vegan) cheese, beans ... all the good stuff. Also, here's a quick, yummy, sour cream recipe if you're into

4 | Atop a savory salad

Besides a taco salad, I love adding the meat in to add some additional texture and flavor. This includes sautéed onions and peppers with some pumpkin or hemp seeds. Oh, and avocado ...

5 | Empanadas

Fill with whatever you like. I'm a sautéed cabbage and opinion girl but empanadas, whether savory or sweet, are fool proof. If you're down for it, try making your own dough!

6 | Chili

With fall around the corner, you're going to want to warming dish filling your kitchen with it's delicious smell. Here's a really quick recipe from my fav bakers that you can just add the crumbled burger to the mix.

7 | Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes are just a childhood favorite. Pair these with sweet potato fries, potato salad or mixed roasted veggies. In this recipe, just simply swap the lentils for the burger crumbles.


Do you have an idea for utilizing plant-based burgers? Please comment or email me!

With Love,

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