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VLOG | 3 services I provide when working together


What do you get while working with me? When we decide to work together, sessions don't end after the hour is up. We all need some additional accountability when faced with life. I never want you to feel like you're alone in this journey and if you get stuck, you have no one to turn to. This is a major investment in your wellness and it's important to know what you're going to receive.

So here are three main services I offer you outside of our appointments:

1. Full summary of session notes and client "to-dos" or recommendations in a thorough follow-up email.

I do this because, during the appointment, I accessibleneed to you to stay fully present - let me do all of the work. Also, oftentimes we have the best intentions to remember, however, we forget and need to be reminded by having something written down and easily .

2. Unlimited text/email support.

Within reasonable hours. It's hard once you leave a practitioner's office if there's continued work to be done and no one is available to help you. Sometimes, as much as you're getting support from family and/or friends, you can feel alone in your journey. And filling them in on what your plans are can be overwhelming and leaving them to not fully understand what you're needing of them in this moment. That's where I come in as your accountability partner.

3. Trip/Vacation wellness planning.

Are you planning a trip? Or travel for business? I ease that anxiety about knowing where and what to eat by scouting out restaurants near your hotel or Air BnB, help you plan pre and in-flight meals and discuss planning or preparing for any triggers that may throw you off.

But we still want to aim towards being able to indulge and enjoy yourself - just in a smart way 😉.


Again, congratulations if you've committed to the next step on focusing on your health!

I developed Candid Health to quiet some of the noise around what you should and should not being doing in wellness and make it a fun, smooth transition into a sustainable lifestyle.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach me HERE or shoot me a DM at @_candidhealth on Instagram. Thank you for watching and have a beautiful day.


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