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Want to know how many carbs your food is made of? Use this simple formula

carbohydrate density

Carbohydrate density is how much of the food is made of carbohydrates. You want to use the formula when it comes to processed/acellular foods (meaning the whole food was broken down, stripped and ingredients were added to make it a flour). 🍞🥞🥐🍝.

Think chickpeas/garbanzo beans turned into a pasta. The formula To figure out the carb density you take the gram of carbohydrates per serving minus the grams of fiber then dividing by the weight in grams. For example: a serving of POW chickpea pasta is 34g - 4g/55g = .54 (54% of the serving is made up of carbs) 😧🙂.

Remember, this percentage translates into blood sugar in your body, which is a severe blood spike/crash. What you should look for Ideally you want to stay below .30 or 30% at each meal. If you’re consuming complex carbs in their cellular (whole) form, they’re naturally going to be under 30% per serving PLUS you’re going to reap the nutritional benefits. Final thought NOW, hold on. ☝🏼 This is NOT to say don’t enjoy that yummy pasta or any other forms of acellular foods (they’re an amazing alternative!) - just eat them in moderation. Especially if weight loss, lowering your blood sugar or inflammation is your goal.

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