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Tired of smoothies? Put your protein powders in these!

Trying to find other ways to use your protein powder than in smoothies? 🤔💭.

Although smoothies are a great way to include all macros and veggies on-the-go, if you’re like me, sometimes you just get tired of them 😴.

So, with some prep work (cause we’re still busy here 👏🏽), you can throw your protein powder into more than just smoothies and have all of these stored up for the week 🙌🏽.

Oh, and PLEASE, for the sake of your cells, make sure to load up on your veggies during other meals if you’re not adding any veggies into your recipes 🥗🥒.

Can you think of some creations right now? If so, drop them! 👇🏽

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