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7 Uncomfortable Signs You Need to Take Your Health Seriously

1. You can’t focus on high risk tasks because you’re fatigued, dealing with brain fog or you’re often forgetful. So whether you’re busy professional your industry and CEO of a company/or household, you have high risks assignments a daily basis that require your most efficient (& taken care of) self.

2. You’re often having to miss work or can’t perform at full capacity due to not feeling well. It flows into the last one where you’re just unable to do your job at full capacity. So if you’re finding yourself dealing with an ailment all the time - it’s a sign there’s something deeper going on.

3. You’re often experiencing uncomfortable digestive symptoms: heartburn, bloat, gas, constipation, diarrhea - they all fall under imbalanced gut health.

4. You’re experiencing mental wellness imbalance more often than not. You’re frustrated because you can’t seem to knock the feelings of anxiousness, depression, moodiness, irritability and you’re more reactive than responsive.

5. You’re not sleeping well. Whether you’re aware of why or not, if you’re not able to get quality sleep it can be a catalyst to many other conditions which is always a vicious cycle.

6. You’re gaining or losing weight. Like sleep whether you know why or not, it’s important to address especially if it’s affecting how you’re showing up every day.

7. You’re unable to cope in healthy ways or you have unhealthy eating patterns. You’re dependent on bingeing or you’re eating very little or not at all, you’re relying on alcohol or other harmful tactics to calm you at the end of the day.

The applications for the Optimal Energy Method are opening, soon and I’m looking for high-performing clients to join us 🙌🏽

The OEM is perfect for you if:

👉🏽 You’ve tried (& tried) and are sick of dieting, quick-fixes and going at it alone just to end up back where you started

👉🏽 You’re experiencing uncomfortable symptoms messing with your confidence (i.e., weight gain, acne, hair loss)

👉🏽 You’re tired - despite feeling like you slept well - all the time and can’t pinpoint why

BUT you want to be feeling this:

Increased energy & joyfulness

✅ Increased focus & mindfulness

✅ Healthy, glowing skin

✅ Stronger body

✅ A healthier relationship with food

If you want to know how to properly fuel your body and create systems of flow without confusing & unsustainable practices.

I’d love to work with you!

Head over to HERE to learn more about my 12-week program for the small business entrepreneur who’s ready to ditch the soul-depleting fatigue and finally have the flow of wellness that complements their creative drive!


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