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Let's stop having this mindset

"I'll start once this vacation is over."

"I'll start on Monday."

"I just moved, so once I get settled I'll hop back on."

"I'm pregnant. I'll eat what I want, then do better once I have my baby."

"I'm going through a lot at work. Once I close this deal, I'll be able to focus on my health." The "Pause-Button" mentality is coined by John Berardi, Ph.D and it's means that we do ourselves a disservice when is comes to our health if we constantly take breaks to "do it right" over and over again, which always leads us down a road of self-sabotage and guilt.

Why? Because, even though it's well-intended and commendable that we want to focus on our health, it places us in an all-or-nothing mindset once we get started and leads us to: - Burnout - Unrealistic perfection - Deprivation - Resentment - Cyclical dieting Is this sounding about right? This is why (as painful as it is for some of my clients) slow, steady and realistic shifts are my priorities when it comes to helping them create a lifestyle they truly enjoy and works for them. They've been programmed by society to rely on quick fixes, and when it's not happening soon enough, it's frightening, frustrating and they lose hope. Remember, wellness is not binary; we will constantly be ebbing and flowing with our health throughout life. The beauty is being aware of what's working/not working for our bodies, mind and soul. Not letting external resources and people guide us down a path of destruction and hopelessness. FUN FACT(S): Did you know some of your cells replace themselves every day while others take months, your skeletal structure changes every 3 months and your whole body within 7 years? Serious. Changes are happening ALL the time. That said, if we want to see a shift in our efforts, we must give our body a chance to actually allow these changes (healthier food, meditation, movement, quitting a habit, new adaptogen, etc.) come into fruition. That means six, seven months to YEARS of not hitting the pause button. So quit being so quick to give up - patience really is key! Back to the pause-button mentality.

It gives us momentary relief to know that we've have that day, month and/or year to "get back on track."