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PODCAST Interview: Stuck in Toxic Wellness Culture? Establish A Routine That Actually Works

I was extremely honored to be a guest on Valerie Agyman's Flourish Heights podcast!

Here's an excerpt from our conversation topic:

"I feel like there’s this toxic vibe to wellness nowadays that’s causing us to become so overly obsessed with micro-managing our bodies, looking for the next quick fix to cure every single part of us. Making us believe something is wrong with us when in fact our bodies are very capable of self-regulating and we don't need every product on the market to achieve good health. The micromanaging and obsession is the part of wellness that we need to talk about. Wellness today lacks representation and it's so one way. Today, I have special guest Cassie, who is going to give you a step-by-step guide on achieving wellness in a way that is unique to you and actually works. It’s super important that we define what wellness really means to us individually and what it should look like. Wellness belongs to us all no matter your skin tone, body size, hair texture, and culture."

Click HERE to listen now!


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