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Top 5 Common Health Foods Messing With Your Ability to Work Efficiently

As entrepreneurs and industry professionals, it's really easy to get hyper-focused on a project and forget to eat or not fuel our body with nutrient-dense foods that are going to nourish our bodies and, in turn, maximize productivity.

Here are the top 5 foods that may be affecting how efficient we are:

😰 Oatmeal

😰 Fruit juices/detoxes/bowls

😰 Bars

😰 Processed food with “natural” labels

😰 Dairy alternatives

One more 👉🏽 Excessive caffeine

Collectively, most of these favored “health” foods we find ourselves eating throughout our busy work days contain: sugar/ingredients disguised as sugar (oats, rice), artificial sweeteners, thickeners/gums, coloring & highly inflammatory oils.

When we continue to consume these foods on a regular basis, they create unstable blood sugar levels & elevate inflammation throughout our gut and immune system.

And what does this do? Negatively impacts your brain function; making you anxious, irritable, not able to fully concentrate and increases mood swings.

Some quick stats 👉🏽 the rise of insulin resistance & pre-diabetes (1/3 Americans & 90% are unaware) is really terrifying. These are developing into chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s (type 3 diabetes).

The positive is that you can change the narrative 🙌🏽.

How? By identifying your baseline & implementing healthier food choices/practices that work for YOU.

This is going to stabilize your blood sugar and decrease your inflammation so you can improve your energy and ability to think clearer which will naturally allow you to work more effectively & efficiently.

Enrollment for the Optimal Energy Method Waitlist in OPEN 💥

This program is for you if:

👉🏽 You’re an entrepreneur or business owner looking to improve your energy levels (& overall health)

👉🏽 You’re struggling to figure out what to eat that’s going to support your mental wellness during work day(s)

👉🏽 You just can’t continue to operate at your current level of energy output

Go ahead and send me an email with “OEM” in the subject line or apply directly with this LINK.

Talk, soon!


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