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Is the busyness of life & career making it really hard to prioritize your health? 


  I'm Cassie 

A Clinical Nutritionist helping leaders restore their metabolic health, beyond nutrition, by integrating simple mindset + lifestyle practices.

My approach is prioritizing preventative health by closing the gap between knowing and doing



Together, we achieve this by removing the complexity around food, creating awareness around habits not serving you and building wellness routines that can be, naturally, integrated into your busy lifestyle. 



The Result?


Sipping your morning coffee, feeling calm energy and more clarity. And, because of your increased resilience to stress, you're ready to tackle the complexities of the day with ease.


You don't avoid meals because you feel anxious and controlled by digestive discomfort and fatigue.


You finish your food feeling nourished and comfortable.


By evening, there's decreased temptation because you're not operating in autopilot and you to make more confident decisions that support your emotions and quality sleep.


You start being more intentional and trusting yourself, which makes you feel more in control of your health and you start to release the need to mimic what someone else is experiencing on their journey. 


And you reach this point without having to rely on long-term counting, tracking + unnecessary product expenses.

Need a reflective tool that helps you gauge where you are in your wellness journey?

My Resilience Assessment is available to you. 


This assessment is a, free, 3-5 min questionnaire to audit what metabolic-related area(s) you may need to nurture a bit.


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