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3 cups


3 cups


Hot coffee lover

Complete minimalist, introverted homebody

2 tbsp.


Jazz & Classical listener

Wife & Mommy

Devourer of peanut butter & chips/salsa

Lived in the, beautiful, countries: Israel & Germany 

(traveling to others while doing so)

Admirer of architecture & design

Big dreams advocate with the help of my PR background

A Little About Me ...

(Scroll over the pic for some, fun, info!)

I’ve struggled with self-confidence and being kind to myself for more years than I care to admit.


I was raised by a single father who had no idea how to raise a little girl (understandably!) and becoming a woman on my own lead me to "comparison syndrome" and feelings of not being good enough - add that on top of being an overweight little girl who only knew Bagel Bites, Pop Tarts and Rice-A-Roni as her source of fuel.  


I eventually fell into the, vulnerable, trap of letting my physical define me and wanted to fit a mold in order to be liked and taken serious. Whatever that was at the time.  So I went on to spend a generous amount of time in the gym and started to, sort of, eat healthy around the age of 17


Fast-forward to my early twenties, having lost the weight but then *hi adult acne* read more here.


In my mind, it slowly grew to compromise my new found confidence. All of my stress from school/work and eating habits were showing up on my skin and no matter how much money I spent on creams, washes and dermatologist visits, it didn't help.


It also didn't sit well, or convince me, that specialist only wanted me to pop a pill or just suggest another, pointless, expensive treatment or cream to solve my issue.  I realized I had a problem that was deeper than that. One that solely working out and - what I thought was eating healthy - wasn’t going to fix.

I began extensive research on functional medicine/holistic healing, went back to school (left my PR/Marketing career) and realized what I was putting in my body, how nutrients were metabolizing, the way I was working out and the chronic stress I harbored were the real reasons for my unhealthy gut. Which, in turn, was the reason for my chronic acne


In short, I've been making conscious efforts to live and eat healthier - with dessert of course - and find ways to manage the way I cope with stress/anxiety and communicate with my body instead of battling it.  


Now, after over ten years of sifting through the wellness space, I'm showing others how to do the same through scientific-backed ways of eating and movement.


 We deserve to prosper in all areas of our lives. It's frustrating to know that skin, weight and stress prevent us from being our best. Having struggled with ALL three myself read more here - I know how crushing and debilitating they can be and the negative effect they can have on, both, your mental and emotional health. 


I also understand how it can seem overwhelming when it comes to knowing where and how to begin, so I created Candid Health in order to guide you through clearing these blocks.




Let's get candid about your health and determine what lifestyle works for you as an individual and embrace all that makes you unique in both your personal and professional life. We'll do this by keeping your lifestyle authentic, minimal and confident. Choosing quality over quantity in your relationships throughout life and with food.



Credentials & Continuing Education

MS Clinical Nutrition || Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

BA Mass Communication || University of Utah

ANA Certification of Completion || American Nutrition Association


Certified Holistic Nutritionist || The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Breastfeeding Wellness || Stanford University

Introduction to Food & Health || Stanford University 

Science of Exercise || University of Colorado - Boulder

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