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Candid Mommy - Ashley D.

Candid Client Image

When we first started, Ashley, wasn't sure where to begin with her health -- she was diagnosed with hyperglycemia after giving birth to her second child. The biggest concern she had was, not only having to give up foods she enjoyed but her ability to balance being a wife, mother of two beautiful children and finding time to workout; all while traveling the world. Guess what? She did it! And continues to inspire me with how she remains true to what she wants, what works for her and checks in with her 'why'. P.S. One of her passions is fitness and she's steadily reaching her goal. Just to let you know how hard she's been working --> she started at 145 lbs with 28% body fat and now she's at 133; 18%. She's done this without depriving herself of the foods and "guilty pleasures" she loves. Ash, thank you for letting me be a part of your journey 😘!

I'll have 2 openings for, both, the "Modify" and "Evolve" package at the beginning of April! If you or someone you love needs a little motivation and help with their health/wellness journey, please contact me for further information and ask how to receive 10% off!

Thank you for reading,

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