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Why this popular sports drink is only contributing to poor metabolic health + healthier alternatives

Healthier sports drink alternatives

I just felt the need to share my thoughts about a popular sports drink due to it being another "wellness" product contributing the increase of metabolic, cognitive and gut conditions.

So let's talk about a new(ish) drink that mimics most sports drinks and what alternatives you can look into instead. I'll keep it short.

PRIME. After my husband's basketball camp, WHEW.

Let me say, as always, there's no judgement if you're familiar and have given it to your child (or self).

I hadn't even heard of this drink until camp and I absolutely let my son try it.

The affect this drink had on kids was insane! One of my best friend's and I saw pure excitement, full blown break downs after a parent refused to buy it and a kid negotiating that it's "so much better for you than water!"

We were in awe and, naturally, we wanted to try it. Of course - it was so damn sweet. After reading the ingredients, I just shook my head.

That said, I really felt called to shed light on this drink because of the market it's continuously influencing - our youth.

So, Prime, marketed as a "zero-calorie" and "sugar-free" beverage with "vitamins & minerals," may seem like a healthier choice but this is another one of those "health" foods that are more damaging than beneficial.

The sweetness comes from the artificial sweetener, sucralose, which is the issue. Research suggests that sucralose can disrupt our metabolic health by affecting blood sugar levels, insulin response, gut microbiota and, now, breaks apart our DNA cells.

Disturbances in our gut microbiota (and this has been a continued issue I see every day in practice) have been associated with various health problems, including: digestive issues, weakened immune function, mood disorders and weight gain.

Like I said, there are healthier alternatives to drinks like Prime that are more beneficial without compromising your (& your child's) health:

1. Infused Water: Have fun with your water and infuse it with slices of fruits, herbs, and/or cucumber and mint.

2. Herbal Teas: There's so many herbal teas that offer natural flavors and health benefits. Choose from options like chamomile, peppermint, licorice root (my son's fav) or hibiscus. Make a big batch, cool and have it prepped for on-the-go.

3. Sparkling Water: If you crave carbonation, opt for sparkling water or mineral water without any added sugars or artificial sweeteners. You can add a twist of citrus or a few crushed berries for extra flavor. There are a few clean brands out there.

4. Electrolytes tablets. Some of the brands I recommend: Needed, Optimal Health, Apex Energetics, Body Health. Just take a water bottle and add whenever you're ready.

5. Coconut water without added sugar like: Harmless Harvest. I even add some sea salt and lime in mine.


Whenever you're ready, here are a couple ways I can help you with your wellness journey:

1. Take the Resilience Assessment

I formulated this assessment to gauge how optimal your wellness is at the moment and bring awareness around growth opportunities you can begin leaning into.

2. A free Clarity Call

If you're unsure what the best option is for you at the moment, schedule your call here.


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