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Stop Letting Health Trends Drive You Crazy

I'm asked these questions often:

- "Have you heard of this?"

- "Should I be doing this?"

- "I tried that but I can never keep up 😣"

And these are always my responses:

First, eliminate the thoughts of what you should be doing and ...

Second, the reason why you can't keep up is because you're looking for quick results, you genuinely don't enjoy it OR it's just not for you.

If it's not for you, that's okay! Just like our attention spans, these trends come and go so quickly. Of course, if you want, try them out but remember to try your best to remain on the path that what works for your body and lifestyle. Don't force kale if you just simply can't stand it. There are so many other options out there that have the same, if not more, health benefits. If you're like me and haven't found that place in your heart for juicing, find another way to get in your vegetable.

That said, stay away from fad diets and food/health trends if your anxiety raises through the roof. Take your time and if it feels and sounds right to you, that's all that matters! Great rule of thumb is to stick with the basics: whole, real food and what makes you feel good 🌱🤗

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