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It's Friday

1. Intentions are everything and getting your exercise in is no exception when using them. How mindful are you in the gym?

2. "The Benefits of Listening to Classical Music" - As if I needed another reason to listen to this beautiful genre ❤️🎼

Non-toxic cleaning product list

3. "The Dirty on Getting Clean". With allergy season in full swing and the overwhelmingness that comes along with where to begin, GOOP compiled an easy, go-to list of cleaning products approved by the Environmental Working Group 🙌🏼.


4. I need you to imagine the coffee you see in this picture looks exactly like water ... You see it? Yea, I didn't either but CLR CFF took it into their own hands to make sure we no longer have to mess up our pearly whites. Read more about it HERE.

5. If you have some time today (or during the weekend), you should definitely watch this amazing interview. Marie Forleo interviews Dr. Kelly Brogan, a holistic health psychiatrist, on how to, "naturally reclaim our mental, emotional and physical health."

For the full blog post and more information visit Marie's site, HERE.

Thank you so much for reading! Please have a beautiful and relaxing weekend ✨

With love,

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