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2 for FIVE (video): May

Thank you for watching!

I love these mints as a replacement for gum! Not only do they eliminate the unnecessary need to chew (and falsely activate our digestive process), they taste amazing and have the actual herb within ☺️🌿.

These are perfect for travel and pre/post workout! As mentioned, they come in different flavors as well. I would suggest taking a digestive enzyme prior to taking the Primal Kitchen bar because it can be a bit heavy.

3. Evolution Salt Co. - Eucalyptus

Himalayan sea salt has so many great benefits! It can:

- Improve the texture, tone and appearance of your skin

- Ease bloating

- Assist with congestion and sinus health

- Prevent/ease muscle cramping and soreness

- Help you to ease stress

4. EO Products - Eucalyptus + Arnica

I love all of EO products. They pair their ingredients with soothing essential oils and, similar to Evolution ☝🏼, they help you ease your body and relax 🛁. (I use them together).

5. Loop workout bands

Again, these babies are amazing to throw in whatever travel bag you have and get a good workout in on the road. I will even bust them out on the plane if I feel some extra circulation in my body is needed. I didn't include a link due to being able to really get them at any T.J. Maxx, Target, Home Goods; everywhere! 💪🏼

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