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3 Ways to Overcome Setbacks

Prior to traveling last week, I could feel the stress coming over me and when I become too stressed, it shows on my skin. I tried my best to prepare myself for limited food options and time to stay on track but fell short as obligatory duties took the front seat. That said, my body, as expected, began to voice to me that it wasn't happy and that it was also adjusting to the new surge of hormones (I recently weaned from both breastfeeding and pumping). That voice was, yup, acne 😫. When I started to notice, I was devastated and wanted to hide from the world like I have in the past but I had to truly understand why it was happening and turn my thoughts around (and avoid all mirrors) to keep from self-sabotage.

Here are three things I keep in mind when setbacks, especially those that take time to recover from, happen:


​It's easier said than done but take a deep breath and tell yourself that it's going to be okay. It's important in order to not begin a downward spiral into negative thoughts/emotions.


Remember that you're more aware than others. Typically, others have their own stuff to deal with and won't notice unless you announce it.


If you take time to listen and truly understand the circumstance, there's significant chance that you can take action in order to better the situation. Setbacks happen. It's LIFE. What's important is that we realize that and continue to do better. It's all about progression 💪🏼

I'd love to hear from you! What are some ways you overcome setbacks?

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