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5 amazing YouTube fitness channels when you're short on time or energy

Nowadays, the thought of exercising sounds amazing and cringe-worthy at the same time. Maybe because of time, not knowing where to start or just feeling defeated when it comes to your goals. I listed the following below because I can relate to all three mindsets.

Throughout the years I've referenced each one of these YouTube channels not only because I didn't feel like driving to the gym but I didn't have access to one or I was pregnant and tired. So whether you're plain old short on time, pregnant or postnatal, they all have workouts from five to 45 minutes!

I enjoy all of the guests and fitness personalities that join in on Popsugar Fitness. You can find everything on here from Barre to simply stretching.

Love to dance? Now there aren't a ton of quick workouts here because you get the good stuff by going directly to her site and becoming a member, however, it gets the job done all while having fun!

This channel is filled with, both, short pilates and target area workouts. These may be short but this girl is no joke! I find myself having to take breaks throughout the workout 😅🙃.

I truly love Jessica's approach to workouts. They're so many options to choose from depending on your fitness level, energy level/mindset and time. She was definitely my go-to throughout my pregnancy!

Just like the ones above, Fitness Blender gives you a lot of options and variety of exercises as well.

I hope these were some beneficial references for you! As always, make sure to listen and be kind to your body. There's no need to set unrealistic goals or make someone else's your own. Be mindful and enjoy ✨

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