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The Secret to Healing

Cassie Brown

Are you really aware that healing requires time, patience & consistency?

There’s a reason I ask potential clients how dedicated they are.

One of the misconceptions about healing is the expectation around how quickly it should happen.

We’re so used to going to the doctor getting a prescription (this includes birth control & antibiotics) and it relieving us from whatever that ailment or symptom is.

While we’re masking that symptom, it’s at the cost of sacrificing something else: namely breaking down our gut; the barrier, lowering important stomach acid, blocking vital nutrient absorption.

Then we start to see secondary symptoms: skin conditions like acne & eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic UTIs, etc.

We repeat the cycle. It blinds us of getting the root cause. We see functional health practitioners and we ask for a food journal, whether or not you were breast fed, birthed vaginally and how your stress levels are, how your stools look. Then, our protocols are to eliminate what may not be serving you; making small, sometimes, very, uncomfortable shifts to create sustainability.

This is when you need the most support because there’s a high percentage that become impatient and give up.

We’re not seeing the big picture. Not seeing longevity. We want it now; quick.

And that’s just not how you heal.

Western medicine is such a blessing and we need it! That’s the beauty of functional medicine - we take, both, western and eastern practices and have a salutogenic approach that focuses on creating a lifestyle that promotes health & wellness, not solely curing disease. So, remember, healing is a marathon and a beautiful one 🙏🏽

Are you ready to start living your healthiest and not just getting by? I'm taking on new clients, schedule your First Client Visit.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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